you tired of ordinary rectangular multi-driver speakers
with their boxy, Disjointed and poorly integrated sound ?

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In order to clear space for development and storage of the new Etude floor standing design, we are offering Curvis of v2 specification but with the earlier ski type birch plywood feet for 2500 / pair with one "B" grade pair for 1800.

Curvis with the later slate base are available for 3500 / pair.

There are also two pairs of Etude 1 (in black and white) at 1200 / pair. All prices exclude carriage.

The new Etude floor standing loudspeaker is in the final stage of voicing. It is the best design thus far from CML Audio and will significantly raise the bar for sound quality in within its price range.

If interested in auditioning please do not hesitate;
to e-mail ( chris.liauw.curvi.hifi @ )
or call 0777 276 6465 or 0161 637 7789